Season opening celebration
23rd of September, Pfauen.

44 Harmonies from Apartment House 1776

By Christoph Marthaler and cast

Direction Christoph Marthaler / Bühne und Kostüme Anna Viebrock

Direction Christoph Marthaler
Bühne und Kostüme Anna Viebrock
The title of Christoph Marthaler’s and Anna Vierbrock’s first production in the Schiffbau/Halle for more than ten years may sound somewhat mysterious. But the riddle starts unravelling some of its knots if we know that this title was not invented by Christoph Marthaler but by John Cage. For a work performed as long ago as 1976. Cage chose it for a composition which overlays several musical spaces simultaneously, disrupting our perception of space and time. Knowing this, we can understand how eagerly Marthaler and the members of his cast are looking forward to immersing themselves in the American composer’s free-floating soundscapes. Their production will be a rather idiosyncratic continuation of all the research that Cage conducted throughout his life on the connection between chance, experience and the everyday. And he did this not just in his music: he was also a writer. A painter. And a mushroom expert. Given the broad range of subjects that interested Cage, and his many abilities, we cannot entirely rule out the possibility of this great polymath making a personal appearance in the Halle. Of course only if chance plays ball. And you could certainly place a bet on that in this production. But we cannot guarantee it will be a safe one.


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