Ich weiss nicht, was ein Ort ist, ich kenne nur seinen Preis (Manzini-Studien)

by René Pollesch

World première

Direction René Pollesch / Stage Design Barbara Steiner / Costume and Wardrobe Sabin Fleck
Cast Kathrin Angerer, Marie Rosa Tietjen, Martin Wuttke

Kathrin Angerer
Marie Rosa Tietjen
Martin Wuttke
Direction René Pollesch
Stage Design Barbara Steiner
Costume and Wardrobe Sabin Fleck
Literary Manager Karolin Trachte
Lighting Markus Keusch
Assistant Director Marco Milling
Assistant Stage Designer Natascha Leonie Simons
Assistant Costume Designer Liv Senn
Internship Direction Joel Franz und Marcel Prebeck
Stage Management Ralf Fuhrmann
Prompter Rita von Horváth
“What is said here has already been said in a certain place. And if you say it, the opposing side is sure to form an opinion of it. Signed by several people. And how should we imagine it, what it did look like? At which party did they meet? Where did they exchange views? What sort of building was it? What type of place? Does it exist? Did they sit at the same table? Is there a place they write from? No, there’s something completely different. A completely different context. Well, to start with, it isn’t the place from which they’re speaking; not a physical place. That is to say, it’s a class speaking. And beyond any immediate interest in the process. It’s the expression of a class that can immediately mark what is being said in a certain place as belonging to another class.” (René Pollesch)


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